Environment Care

ISO 14001 environmental certification for Occupational Health and Safety


The environment and its protection now belong to the reference values ​​in all the activities of our company.
For this reason we have voluntarily decided to take the path of Environmental Management which was ISO 14001 certified by the Swiss body IAS Register in 2011.
The certification, renewed every 3 years and monitored annually, attests Galba’s commitment to apply proper environmental management, placing at the basis of Galba compliance with laws and, where possible, the improvement of the standards required by law; the organizational structure has been structured in such a way that the roles and responsibilities relating to environmental management and all company activities are identified.
We pursue this goal through the development of production processes that minimize the impact on the environment by promoting its protection, but also through business activities that contribute to its conservation.

Management commitment

GALBA therefore undertakes to raise awareness and increase environmental awareness and to create the conditions for the effective involvement of employees and their suppliers. To achieve this, use built-in tools and perform the following actions:

  • Assess the extent of the environmental impact before the product development and production phase, adopting solutions that minimize the consumption of resources, reducing the amount of waste produced and energy consumption.
  • Promoteawareness of environmental conservation among GALBA employees through training and awareness raising activities.
  • Disseminate environmental regulations to suppliers who have access to the premises.
  • Educating to a virtuous behavior towards the use of energy, avoiding waste.
  • Implement periodic meetings of the Management with the functional managers on corporate strategies, through which the process of continuous exchange of information and collaborations is fed.
  • Implement training and training initiatives for employees and non-employees.
  • In manufacturing, give priority o more environmentally friendly products and materials.
  • Recycle and reclaim industrial waste water.
  • Make a careful selection of conveyors and disposers.
  • Communicate the environmental interventions carried out and the improvements obtained externally.
  • Indicate improvement objectives in environmental management and ensure resources, time and attention to achieve and overcome them, in the context of continuous improvement towards excellence.

This policy is published and disseminated to all employees who are required to collaborate fully to share and achieve together the goal of a better quality of life for us and for future generations.