History and Company Profile

The roots of our know-how

From 1969 to today

Galba was founded in 1969 by Piero Baiguera and Vittorio Gallizioli. Even today, with the second generation, constant technological innovation and drive towards production and market expansion are among company’s greatest strengths.

Today Galba is one of the most important Italian companies in the high-tech mechanical processing sector, and thanks to a research and quality philosophy, in recent years it has been able to expand from the national to the international market. Today, over 85% of its production is exported and has renowned customers all over the world.



In its first forty years Galba has had a constant development of business: today the company expands on a total area of ​​55,000 m2, 30,000 m2 of which are covered.

The production area is divided into specialized departments for light alloys processing, especially aluminum, for the automotive, industrial and naval sectors. Processing of gray and spheroidal cast iron (including lapping) for hydraulic applications as well as for machining of special steels for the naval engine and transmission sectors.


Usage of robotic systems guarantees a high quality standard, time optimization and competitive costs.

Galba’s advanced and constantly updated machine park, managed by a staff of over 350 people, allows medium and large-scale series production.

The Quality control department is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring tools.

Thanks to high production standards, latest generation machinery and technologies and manufacturing processes optimization, Galba is the ideal partner for the production of complex mechanical parts, which require different processes and treatments.